Tom Alexander As A Trading Mentor?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by traderjp, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. I don't know if you went or not. I would recommend against it. Your money is better spent elsewhere. He is a salesman and just keeps regurgitating stuff that he has read.

    Trust me... stick the money in an account and trade it with a plan.
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  2. traderjp


    Hi Futurestrader71:

    Thanks for your reply. I found it worthwhile and didn't get the same impression you did of Tom.

    It has already paid for itself in my trading.

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  3. I am glad you got something out of it. It was the one and only seminar I have been to where I had to pay. The seminar was sold as an MP seminar, but most of the material was presented by Joe who covered business plans, visions, etc. There was no discussion of trading at all. There was no talk of setups, how to do research or anything applicable to day-to-day trading. Much of what Tom repeats comes from Cisco's website or the CBOT manual.

    I'm an experienced trader and based on the discussions and various other things that were evident to me, it became obvious that these guys are just another set of salesmen but with a very pleasant Southern accent. I personally liked Joe much more than I did Tom because Joe's material was very specific, organized and very important for the beginning or struggling trader.

    I can read all about market development and KRA's in one of the 3 main books on Market Profile. I didn't pay a fee plus hotel and travel costs to come and listen to someone repeat what I have already read. Tom simply couldn't answer any specific setup-type of questions. He is answer is always "put into context".... hmmm. Thanks... "can I get my money back?" LOL

    I came across this thread and wanted to provide a strong opinion. It was my first paid seminar experience and probably my last.

    Good luck.
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    Did he cover tick, delta, volume, breadth & structural divergences at KRAs at your seminar? Those setups have been money for me and a couple guys I know.

    I didn't find the holy grail either, but these are good setups that made the experience & cost worthwhile to me.
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  5. Hmmmm.... I really wasn't expecting a holy grail (whatever that is) from the seminar. I did, however, expect a discussion of the practical application of MP using specific setups (as they advertised they would) and the use of market generated data for high probability trading. Instead, the conference was about setting up a business plan for about 1 day (Joe), second day was Tom simply repeating what I have already read and now and use for trading. The third day had us listen to Doug (the psychologist) for about 2 hrs and then go over more rehashed MP stuff from Tom. The morning of the 4th and last day, we turned the market on (it was a Monday) and displayed MP of ES on a big screen. Tom went around the room and asked what they thought of the profile and what they would do given the info provided. A trade set up that I would have taken (a long off a prior single print and a significant support) and he nodded his head and said he would never get long there and that I should consider "context". The market rallied all day after a minor pullback from my entry.

    I'm a professional trader. This is what I do for a living. This is what I have done for years. I know the real thing from the fakers. Tom is a faker. I'm sorry to say that because he is a very nice guy. However, the course is much worse than the one offered at the CBOT by Dan Gramza (at least Dan discusses positions he would take and then goes over them the next day). The charge of $1,500 (which they increased heavily every couple of months) is a complete waste of money. I guarantee that whatever inspired you at the conference comes from available info covered by various books from business planning to auction market theory.

    Our opinions differ and that is great. It gives others who do a search on Tom's name some perspective on what they will pay for. In the end, one has to put it all together to fit his character just like a tailored suit. However, Alexander Trading is not the place to do so.

    Best wishes.
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  6. Join a daytrading firm if you want to learn. Or if you don't want to join a daytradin firm then try to find a mentor that will let you go with a pay for profit plan. You don't pay him unless you win. And he can see if you win or not because you will in the same room with him side by side.
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  7. I think he has free online video's that are archived at the CME website. In the education section.
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  8. You do realize your not a sponsor of ET and Baron will have your post deleted.

    Simply, you can defend yourself without the promotion/advertising of your website and resources.

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  9. Mark... without posting the advertising part. Can you please quote what was said? The post was deleted.
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  10. TomA


    Ok, I’ll try this one more time:

    I am not going to let unfounded ad hominem personal attacks pass without a response, re: “I’m a professional trader. This is what I do for a living. This is what I have done for years. I know the real thing from the fakers. Tom is a faker.”

    I have sat in front of a screen and traded for over twenty-one years. I have extensive and broad trading experience. My biography is on our website for anyone that cares enough to look. My phone number is there, too. I am who I say I am and do not have to hide behind anonymously under the guise of “helping others”.

    Several of our clients are professional traders. Several are former floor traders or option market makers, who have never held a job outside of trading in their lives. Some of them have sat with me in my office and traded beside me. They, I can assure you, cannot be fooled by a “faker”.

    I’m sorry you did not receive what you expected, but inevitably we are not going to please everyone all the time. Our approach is not for everyone. The de rigueur trading style in Chicago is twitch trading: trading huge size for a few ticks. If this is what you wanted to learn, and I suspect it is, then yes, you would be disappointed. We do not trade, teach or encourage a frenetic style of trading. We trade for handles, not ticks.

    I can back that up with real people and real names.


    Tom Alexander
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