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    just sold over 500,000 shares last week, least he is telling the public that he doesnt see and improvement in the housing industry....I would sell If i was him too, TOL will be in the low 20's by next year......

    Date Insider Shares Type Transaction Value*
    16-Nov-06 TOLL BRUCE E
    Director 149,100 Indirect Sale at $29.20 per share. $4,353,720
    15-Nov-06 TOLL BRUCE E
    Director 350,900 Indirect Sale at $28.64 per share. $10,049,776
    Director 60,000 Direct Option Exercise at $4.88 per share. $292,800
    Director 20,000 Direct Sale at $27 - $27.02 per share. $540,000
  2. great post - that is interesting....

    stock is down 40 or 50% or whatever and he is selling shares....speaks volumes....
  3. Yeah! Wow.
  4. But does his selling really send a message?

    I keep hearing that the Google insiders have been sellers of GOOG for a long time now but yet the price is now @ $500.00

    What is the difference with TOLL doing it?
  5. Agreed. It looks but bad but insiders sell all the time good and bad. In my previous employment life I worked for a mid size publicly traded co. The pres. was unloading shares all time, stock up, stock down, didn't matter. They get it for $2 and exercise for $20. You get the picture.
  6. Thanks for posting what you did..and yep, I get the picture.
  7. NP, that's what ET is for friend.
  8. :)
  9. You guys are showing a total lack of experience.

    Look up FRX, the CEO was selling millions of shares right at the bottom. Lots of geniuses like you were shorting the hell out of it.

    These guys are running game on you.
  10. its just another piece of data to go along with your other data. but you figure this guy has more insight into the housing market than anybody - so if he was confident in the market - he might not excercise or might even buy some additional shares... i am guessing he would not need the "pocket money" ha ha without the current round of selling

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