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  1. vanzandt


    Toll Brothers missed on revenue, earnings and guided margins going forward down.
    They cited labor and material costs. Orders contracted.

    Its not getting any media attention this A.M..... but one can perhaps divine a lot out of this high dollar homebuilder's report.

    Inflation is creeping in.
  2. invortex


    I have been in homebuilders ETF and stocks for a while. I see only upside with all the fires, floods etc.
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  3. dealmaker


    He may be trading shorter term than you...
  4. invortex


    NAIL has doubled, TOL is up 13% since I purchased sometime in Oct? All good.
  5. vanzandt


    Agree 100%. I was all over KBH.

    The real gist of the above post was that I think in their report lies the harbinger that inflation is slowly and sneakedly working its way into the broader economic picture.
    Inflation cometh.
  6. invortex


    I agree and I am worried about the new tax laws hurting the housing market. If mortgage and taxes can't be deducted, it will totally hurt high end builders.
    If line of equity can't be deducted, then HD will lose a lot of business.
  7. vanzandt


    Imagine that.