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  1. I shorted 200 shares here at 26.00... looking to short more if it moves higher, does anyone else see this as free money the way I do or am I missing something? I just can't see TOL making new highs in 6 months... should go down below 20.00.... don't have a tight stop.
  2. Cutten


    I shorted TOL a couple of years ago and eventually switched out to other stocks. I made a profit but no way near as what I would have by focusing on weaker, smaller, more indebted companies with inferior management. TOL is just a solid company and the stock has been well bid throughout this real estate slump, it reminds me a bit of how EBAY acted after the bubble burst - everything else got whacked 90%+ but EBAY hung in there and just wouldn't go down anywhere near as much. There are easier situations out there in the real estate sector, IMO it's best to focus on those.