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  1. for those that daytrade US stocks, lets connect
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    How about just any traders in Japan regardless of what they trade?
  3. that will include those card/toy traders in akihabara
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    Let's connect sounds very Mr. Roboto-ish.
  5. how about "let's talk"
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    maybe then the toy traders in akihabara should be included or only black box traders:D
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    What are you guys trading? US stocks from Tokyo , given the time difference , sounds like a tough deal. Anyone trading Nikkei futures, Japanese stocks?
  8. The time difference would be a killer, wouldn't it.

    I traded Japanese stocks for 15 years or so up until 1990. Changed to Nikkei options then, and a few years later added Nikkei futures. I guess it was around 2005 that I started trading JGB futures, and did so up until this April when Kuroda screwed up the works.
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    Wow , Japanese stocks in the 80's!. No internet and Japanese brokers were charging something like 3% of the trade amount. You must have held positions for quite a while to be profitable. Day trading was unheard of those days.
  10. Yeah, spent the whole day in the broker's boardroom where it was a contant fight with the other regulars to use the Quick machines (quote machines).
    The 3% commission and tax was a roadblock to daytrading. But at the time manipulation was the name of the game so stocks really moved. So there were daytrading opportunities from time to time. But for the most part holding for a week to a month was normal.
    Up until the early 80's we only had weekly chartbooks. I was the one who got Toshi Radar and Golden Chart to print daily chart books. Up until then I had about 300 hand written charts that I updated daily at the broker. Took about 2 hours.
    Ah, how simple life is now!!
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