Tokyo/JASDAQ/Osaka stock charts/data

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    At retail price point carried by eSignal and Equis/Reuters Zenith and likely sign back up for one of/both those , but any other sites apart from GOOG and Yahoo Japan where I can get 10+ year stock charts - IB TSE is 5Yr max.

    Also data download - GOOG finance has no download spreadsheet capability for Japan data, Yahoo only carries the indicers and Yahoo Japan has only one page of price and volume (it seems). Reuters Datalink is a retail price point EOD solution for Metastock compatible/ASCII? but interested in others.

    Ideal would be data that can be downloaded into Multicharts/TS 2000i Globalserver.

    Presumably Osaka/JASDAQ wll become TSE de Facto so maybe that will simplify things a bit.
  2. The charts aren't much to speak of but if you need something in English,

    This site will give you monthly data back to 1991 if you click on the yellow icon under the chart and the number 1 in the lower left.

    I live in Japan so I don't need or know of any other free sites in English where you could find what you're looking for.
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  4. You said 10+ years. eSignal goes back to 2001. This may be of no use or interest to you but here is a simple chart from a local broker's site that goes back to the early 1980's. It spans from 1 day to 30 years. Just enter the symbol where the 5713 is in the attached chart.