Tokyo Hedge Funds Club event March 8

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by 2cents, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. pm me with your details and if i think your worth it i'll get you in...
  2. traderob


    Sounds like fun. Give us a month or two warning for the next event and I might fly up.:)
  3. i'll try mate, i'll try... doesn't seem there are so many of us ETers in Japan...
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    TSgant (sp?) is in Tokyo he might be interested..
  5. we're supposed to hook up shortly... cheers ;-)
  6. so that hedge fund club only invited hedge fund managers?
  7. I have no idea.

    A friend of mine invited me to come... Obviously, I went out to Azabu and got wasted afterwards with a big credit card bill. It was a meeting for people who wanted to look like a "CELEB". Only a few Buy-side people were there, and we all left after an hour it started...

    It's a Sell-side Festivity...

    PS. I met 2cents. Last I've heard he's in HK working with "THE HK" Bank.
  8. the HK gig was mostly a knife job, nothing to do with trading, no conflict either. now back in tokyo for a few mths at least, wifey delivered baby #2 this past thurs, loads of fun!

    btw am no promoter of the HFC but i've personally met more than a dozen managers & asset allocators there, from Jpn, HK, Switzerland etc, in the few times i attended... but thats 2006/07, those were different times... and of course the vendors were there too, they'd been crazy not to...

    having said that the AIMA meets are just as good... stop bitching TS will ya ;)
  9. THE HK bank = Wing Lung?
  10. let me know if there are any events by AIMA/HFC/ABC...
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