Todd Mitchell??!!

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  1. Who is that guy?

    I have come across one person on this board that recommended him. He seems to be more honest than most of them in that he offers a 30 day money back guarantee for his course that is priced at $995. Needless to say, that's a lot, but seems to offer more than what you can get from Don Miller or Ed Moore.
    He offers unlimited phone consulatations to his students, very rare in this business indeed.

    Anyone has used his course and can comment on it?

    His website is at

  2. I don't like any website that pops up a bunch of windows when you try to close it.
  3. I somehow did not have this experience, well maybe one window popped up. I guess this might have been so because I did not try to close it...

    I found one more reference to this guy on the web, a brief but positive one. Still waiting for more feedback.
  4. Don't know the first thing about this guy, but if you go to Google Groups at, navigate to the group misc.invest, then search for his name just in that group you will find some info on him.
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  5. Thanks for the tip, I used to use the newsgroups a lot in the past.

  6. so here is the entire text:

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    Subject: Re: Todd Mitchell Exposed!
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    Newsgroups: misc.invest.futures
    Date: 1999/02/21

    Her is a List of vendors who I have asked to show account staetments and
    1. Todd Mitchell ( He is a nice guy I took his course and returned it 30 days
    later, got a refund no questions asked.)

    2. Bill Wolfe ( Another nice guy, his method does have some merit, but not
    worth the $2500 in my opinion.) The Wolfe Wave is nothing more than a rising
    or a falling wedge. Pay $75 for Technical analysis of stock trends, its money
    well spent.

    3. Ed Moore ( A total joke, enough said)

    4. Arthur Ulrich ( I have heard some good things, but so far nobody I know that
    has taken his course is making any money)

    5, John Stenberg ( He admitted to me that he does not trade)

    6, The guy from Natt trading ( Said not legal for him to show statements)

    7. Ned Gandiavani ( I know of two people who took his course and said that good
    old Ned is a Nice guy, but they could not make any money with it, it was too
    subjective. I believe that Ned does trade and may money with his method
    though he cannot prove it.)
  7. this board pales in comparison to misc.invest.futures where I used to hang out years ago and perhaps I should start doing it again.

    I mean, there is much more information to be found on the newsgroup than on this board. That is actually to be expected, the newsgroups have been around for much more longer than this site.

    Todd Mitchell does not get really bad rewievs and sometimes even good. But so does Ed Moore, and that I cannot believe.