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    Has anyone or does anyone know of anyone that boguht this guys material.

    I am considering buying his material but thought some insight from this board mgiht be good.

    I am going to starting to trade equities at a prop firm next week.

    I want to learn index futures (e-minis) to diversify what I do during the trading day.

    Thanks for any help.
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    use search button.
    I found 13 topics discussed before.
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    Save your money..............unless of course you believe the ridiculous claims made on his site.

  4. todd mitchell---- just checked out his site. the photo of the office building where he rents a suite is stupid--it seems that he is trying to imply that it is his building. you see this often on obvious scam sites. personally, i would not send him any cash.


  5. I looked over the Todd Mitchell materials via a friend who loaned them to me. It appears to be very comprehensive and chock full of indicators and techniques. Because of the wide range of indicators and techniques, I found it a bit overwhelming.

    My friend took the course and summarized it as not being the holy grail, which of course is never the case for any course.

    According to his web site, he offers a 30 day money back guarantee. I suppose you could buy the course and check it out first, and return if it is not too your liking.

    -- ITZ
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    I sent for free info once. I was not interested, but received a letter every other week offering a further discount on his course.
    If memory serves me the last offer was around $350.00.
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    I have bought his SP trading course and TS tools and think that it is a solid trading methodology, clearly presented, well supported and fairly priced. For those who are interested in getting some help to learn how to trade in a systematic way that is.
  8. Yannis,

    Are you making consistent profits from Todd Mitchell's materials?

    Just curious. Feel free to answer, or not answer, whichever you prefer.


    -- ITZ
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    I often buy or lease or borrow trading material or techniques just to keep learning and expanding my skills, while I keep trading in my own way until I see something very unique and helpful I'd like to add to what I'm doing. In that sense, I got Todd's course and I liked it, as I mentioned above, enough to distill and incorporate some of his elements to my own methods. But, I have never actually traded his method EXCLUSIVELY for a period of time and I don't want to give you misleading information.

    I you actually talk with him and preview what he does, you'll see that his technique is not extremely unusual - it actually has some elements that I had already picked up from Linda Raschke and Oliver Velez. As you may have realized, the good trading gurus out there share parts of their technique... trading is not rocket science :)

    What I meant before (and perhaps I should have said it more clearly) was that if someone is relatively new to trading and is looking to buy a good trading course, Todd's is a very good choice, among several others, of course. Imo, it's a solid approach that can bear fruit. I hope this makes sense - I'm not trying to sell it or hype it.
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    Look into Dow theory(simplified version, that is), Fibonacci retracements, price/oscillator divergence(both classical and Andrew Cardwell mold;it really doesn't matter what the indicator is), bar patterns(not the classical patterns by Schabacker, Edwards, and Magee;if you don't know what I am talking about, you need to google it), and Keltner bands. These are the main cores of the course. Obviously, if you already know these stuffs, you don't need the course. Even if you don't have a clue as to what any one of these means, you should still be able to get by without the course itself by spending some time on the subject matter yourself. You just need to research them. Thanks to the internet, you should have no problem at all.:cool:
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