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    Trading Collegues,

    Any info on Todd Mitchell and feedback/recommendations on his course would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your input

  2. Todd gives several aspects of trading, and several different "trades."

    1. Single bar analysis
    2. Open / Close system (Trade the gap on the S&P)
    3. Market Flow Analysis (Trade Fib. retracement confluence.)
    4. ADX Trade
    5. RSI and Stochastics Trade.

    The "meat and potatoes" of this system is number 3.

    Hope this helps,

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    I appreciate your feedback. I look forward to your following responses -

    His costs are $ 995 for the training video/manual and $ 1665 for a 2 day one on one training. Is it worth it ?

    How long have you been using his methods/strategies/techniques and are they helping you make a living ?

    Thanks once again for your time kp. I am a newbie and am just trying to go thru the maze.

    Sorry for the bother.

  4. balda


    If you do not respond to his letters,
    he will split it in 3 payments than in 4 payments and than will drop $200.
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    Balda, I think u r right. So far I have received his second mail and he offers 2 spilt payments.

    Thanks for the tip. Guess will wait for the $200 off.
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    He just sent me another letter offering it for $750. Do a search on ET, someone who took the course posted a review.
  7. Unless he can produce real money trading results achieved by anyone trading his system, it should not cost more then a trading book. 100.00 at most. Look for his course at Ebay.
  8. I paid the $900 price, but his software package was included. The software TradeStation 6 based, and is very useful.

    The Mitchell course didn't "make the difference" for me, but there are elements of it that I use in my trading that are very useful.

    If you are new, then it's impossible to say what is going to work for you. Some people start out with some canned program, never make money, and never look back. For most of us though, there are months and years of struggling and frustration, after which you reach a "critical mass" of knowledge, experience and discipline. Then you start making money. (If all your $$$ hasn't been blown!)

    I'll say the same thing to you that I have said to others... I believe e-mini trading is ideal for someone who is SERIOUS but new. Do your learning, run a simulator for several months.

    When you are ready to start trading, open an account with the minimum ($2,000). Trade your system, and when your account drops to $1,000, stop trading. Go back to your educational sources, run your simulator, and when you have worked out your bugs, send 'em another $1,000. Keep repeating this process until you have success. If you are a rookie and load up a new account with $10,000 or so, a couple days of insanity could blow half your account!

    Anyway, Prosper!

  9. At least he offers a full refund guarantee unlike many of other vendors. I think he is OK, but I have never used his stuff, so cannot comment on it. I did buy Ed Moore's stuff though. My comment about it: definitely not worth the price, to say the least.