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  1. I'm not a big Cramer fan, but what's your point? Cramer hired this guy, gave him a shot, then he turns around and tries to start a site to compete with Cramer's site. To me, that sounds a lot like backstabbing. Plus, they weren't exactly shooting the lights out, so why shouldn't Cramer take his money out. After all, it's his money.

    I haven't read this whole series but I have say, the parts I have read, toddo comes across as self-absorbed, narcissistic and with a staggering sense of entitlement.
  2. You're a little harsh there bro ... on the flip side of the coin.

    He's innovative, has creatively branched out from a mainstream trading job (which in and of itself, is a great accomplishment IMHO), is very experienced, gives freely of his time, makes trading fun, is extremely well respected in the industry, has the backing and support of a lot of people in it ... and drumroll please, called this major financial catastrophe years before it happened.

    I don't know about you, but I don't have a resume that can compete with his.

    Good trading
  3. Basically all I know about him is what I have read on his blog and the excerpts on Marketwatch. He may be a great guy, but I prefer people who don't feel the need to tell you every day just how special they are. I know from an earlier excerpt that he seemed to expect to be made a partner in a highly successful hedge fund, despite basically producing nothing. He was stunned when told it was not to be. Either he was clueless or the people who owned the firm and made a fortune were. Which is more likely?

    Anyway, my post above was in reply to the OP who for some reason thought the excerpt made Cramer look like a jerk. If I hire a guy, train him, set him up as a partner in the fund I built, the last thing I expect is for him to set up a website in competition with mine. Particulalry since no one would know who he was if I hadn't given him the chance to write a column on my site. For all I know, Cramer was cool with it and withdrew his money for other reasons, but I wouldn't have blamed him for not wanting todd near it.