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  1. I just want it to be officially written down some place:

    Todd Harrison isn't shorting the market today, and in fact, says that 'technically speaking,' things look pretty bullish ...

    I just think it's really interesting that, after missing out completely on the rally since last October (he sold his longs at the end of Oct 2002), he sounds more bullish today than Ive heard him all year ...

    And Boo or Hoofy haven't had a paw/hoof in their costumes for god knows how long? Is he even trading anymore, or just watching?
  2. lots of value added
  3. Th bull move is making a mockery of the bears that's for sure.

    But with a third of the year still left anything can still happen. One thing I think Harrison has got right is that 'in bear markets every one loses money', bulls and bears.
  4. Seems like everyone knows it is a bull now. Maybe that means it is time for it to end. Heck, even my dad told me the market looks good and he wants to trade stocks. Last time he did that was at the height of the tech craze. I talked him out of it this time, told him he should only do it if he really wants to learn to trade.
  5. It does have all the characteristics of the "fifth wave" so to speak
  6. Does anyone know if Todd is actually running money now, and if so, what his year looks like. Meanwhile, John Succo's columns are well worth the cost of the site. He offers real insight, not just derivatives textbook stuff, he lays out real trades and gives the reasoning behind them. I find Fokker's morning update useful, particularly if I'm running late, which is most mornings.
  7. Todd Harrison had a horrific CNBC interview and was clearly out of his element with Haines (lots of "ya know"). He did mention his firm Todd Harrison Capital Management in which he urged viewers to send money his way.
  8. What I would like to know is why everyone picks on this poor SOB?

    Who cares if he's been wrong?

    It's not like he's charging $1,000 per month and promising you the world.

    I admit, i signed up when he first started, but I knew he lost his way by Apr 1..can't people think for themselves?

    I am sure he is doing better than 98% of ET'ers.

    One thing I can guess is he's not trading a 25K most around here.

  9. I hear Todd is a managing partner at Shill Securities.
  10. I haven't been tracking Harrison, but always found him hard to read, with all the references to rock songs, and silly fictitious characters.
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