Todd Harrison is writing again

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    Todd Harrison is writing his daily posts again, and so far, it's FREE (!?!?!). I wonder how long that's going to go on. Hopefully, for a while. It's good to see him writing again.
  2. interesting--president/head trader of a 400m fund and still has time to draw cartoons. very interesting. thank you !


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    Thanks for the heads up ez_go_win.
    I wasn't going to check back until December.
    It's good to see that someone is on top of things.


  4. I'm a big Toddo fan but I've noticed he is not detailing current trades like he did in the old column. I thought that was a big part of the appeal.
  5. sweet! I wasn't expecting it until December either...I heard somewhere that starting January it'll be $10...not too bad I guess, depending on how this trial run is.
  6. Exactly, the characters=interesting, the trading=priceless
  7. Minyanville's "big opening" tommorow.

    How has Toddo been doing lately, anyone know how to check and see what his hedgefund is up for the year?

    When do hedgefunds have to report... is it quarterly?
  8. Toddo has been leaning into the wind of this bull market in terms of his "relative conviction" level but he doesn't really correlate that to the funds' positioning, so it is hard to know what they are actually doing. He has been long index puts, but he never discloses how long or short the fund is. I think it is fair to say that he misread this rally, at least on the basis of his published comments.

    I have complained to him a few times that he is being too general and that people are not going to pay to be told to watch the SOX and the BKX and respect price but don't defer to it. He has said he will be "more granular" when the real site opens. We'll see.
  9. I noticed that RealMoney Pro just happens to be having a free open house tomorrow...the day Toddo's site officially debuts. I've also noticed that Cramer has been making snide remarks for the past week or so about hedge fund traders who are bearish. Probably just a coincidence that Todd is one of the most visible guys taking a bearish stance.

    I'd like to know the inside story on all this.
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    Cramer, is making snide remarks.....

    LOL! Didn't that idiot blow up a fund before he came to CNBC?

    The only thing he is qualified to make snide remarks about is Rogaine!
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