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    I always enjoyed Todd Harrison's trading diary when he was a regular columnist on, so I sent him a quick note regarding whether he'll even post a column every once in a while, and got back the following link:

    The site is not up yet, but take notice of the webpage title header, "hoofyandboo." LOL! So the good 'ole gang are going to be back in full force soon! Not sure when (you now know just as much as I do), but it's good to see that he's getting back into his trading diary.

    In my experience, he's probably one of the best traders (who writes) around. I know Jim Cramer used to say that he's the best trader he's ever met on Wall Street, but hey, maybe Jim was a little biased since Tood worked for him. But I'm sure Jim wasn't far from the truth.

    Any of you guys make money from Todd's column when he used to write?
  2. todd seemed pretty good as a trader.he may be the only reason cramer made any money.ive been following cramers picks.a few good picks and a lot of klunkers.AOL,TYC,CNXT,VZ,CSCO,GE,CMCSK AND MANY OTHERS.cramer rode some of his picks down over 50%.
  3. Anyone know why he stopped writing for . I wonder what type of service this is going to be, one of the best writers I've ever read for daytraders.
  4. As I recall, they said Cramer Berkowitz was forced to move to temporary offices following 9/11 and it was too disruptive for him to continue writing. One thing for sure, the RM site went from being essential to being something of a joke.

    I think Todd was uncanny in his ability to call the intraday direction and when moves would reverse.
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    Actually, I'm pretty sure Todd left before Sept 11th. Before he signed off he said that he was having a tough time doing both the real time journal and being head trader.

    In any case the website is registered to Todd Harrison & Associates...which leads me wonder: if he is coming back why is he doing it on his own and not with RM?
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    Todd was writing his column on 9/11. I actually saw his post pop up in the columnist commentary about an explosion nearby on that morning. A few minutes later he posted another message basically saying that he was getting out of the building. Minutes later the news started breaking on TV.

    I think the only other post he ever made on Realmoney was to explain why he wasn't writing anymore. I believe he was very troubled by 9/11 and took some time off. At least that is what I got from "reading between the lines" of his message.

    He seemed like a good guy and I am glad to hear his is writing again.
  7. He said in a column that he would not be writing for awhile after 9/11 and he and Jeff B. were looking for a new office. I went on vacation and after a few weeks on returning I started e-mailing the editor asking where he was. Something was up when they took his picture down. After many e-mails he said he wasn't coming back for awhile. I e-mailed Todd at another address and he said they wouldn't post his going away column which he sent me. I wouldn't renew my subscription and when asked why I told them the way they handled the Todd thing was very sleazy. If he writes again please post.
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    patefern, could you please put up Todd's last column (the one which RM would not put up) Thanks.

    The way they handled Doug Kass's departure was also very weird. At first he was a regular contributor and mentioned that he was about to put up a column about his short position in housing. And then suddenly he disappeared. Without any explanation, no short housing column, nothing.

    Then when I e-mailed the editor he claimed that Doug had been fired. But Aaron Task said in a private e-mail that Doug had resigned.

    Maybe that website is a bit too small for all those egos. Or maybe RM just doesn't know how to treat talent.
  9. KASS has returned. he is on real money pro for $2000 per year.jay shartus is there too.did the trial wasnt impressed.
  10. Babak,
    Here is the e-mail Todd sent:

    "thank you kindly...i will not be back on RM.

    wrote this sept 29th, fyi, never posted.

    The Passing of the Torch

    During the past fifteen months, I’ve sat in front of my computer each day with
    the sole purpose of offering insight and providing value to the good readers of
    this site. Quite honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I started. My
    writing skills were raw, at best, and I was communicating to a faceless audience
    with high expectations. After all, it’s one thing to trade stocks and live with
    those decisions—but an entirely different thing to share those views with the
    world on a daily basis.

    I began with a promise to myself, and that was to always be honest with the
    readership. My grandfather taught me that our name is sometimes all we have, and
    regardless of whether you’re right or wrong, you’ll always be able to live with
    yourself if you’re forthright. Sage advice, from a wise man.

    As time passed, I began to notice that something special was unfolding. Not
    only did the diary allow me to synthesize my thought process, but it also served
    as a conduit with which to share it. In the process, I learned a great deal
    about myself--and the diary slowly morphed into something more than a pure
    financial forum. It became, quite simply, a part of ME.

    I’ve spent the better part of the last week revisiting the diary archives
    and reminiscing about our journey together. The pop culture references always
    seemed to provide levity as we discussed the dry subject matter that is the
    market. The imbedded inferences in the song lyrics, however subtle they might
    be, always carried a cryptic message as to what I was thinking. And who could
    ever forget our lovable clan: Hoofs, Boo, Snapper and Sammy. They always seemed
    to be there when we needed to have a town hall meeting in Minyanville!

    Since last Summer, we’ve navigated a tremendously difficult financial landscape.
    There were surely times we failed, and often times that we triumphed.
    Throughout it all, however, the real wealth has been found in our ability to
    maintain perspective and focus on the important things in life. During Ruby’s
    prolonged illness, I turned my considerable energies from the tape to my family,
    and I was absolutely floored by the amount of love and compassion that was
    offered to me by people I’ve never met. As a matter of fact, we used to print
    out the hundreds…if not thousands…of emails and read them to my grandfather as
    he fought the good fight.

    You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to take this walk down memory lane, and I
    wish I could tell you that it’s just an attempt to creep back towards normalcy.
    Truth is, I’ve always been up front with you regarding the “hats” that I’ve
    attempted to juggle, and I’ve made a difficult decision with regard to my
    current duties.

    My first responsibility has always been to my partners, Jeff and Matt, as well
    as the investors who’ve entrusted their money to us. As many of you know, our
    offices were affected by the tragic events of September 11th, and we’ve been
    relocated to a temporary space outside the city. As President of Cramer,
    Berkowitz, I have a duty to focus all available energies on our task at hand and
    lead by example. As such, I will be stepping down from my perch atop the
    trading diary and taking a sabbatical.

    Don’t kid yourself, this decision was not an easy one to make. I’ve grown
    accustomed to discussing the various crosscurrents of my crowded KEPPE, and I’ve
    found it quite helpful in maintaining focus and, dare I say, lucidity. However,
    I must balance my priorities with my capacities, and do the right thing for the
    time being. When we’re situated, I will continue to offer my views via longer
    columns and, when applicable, daily insights.

    After the attack, I asked you all to exercise patience as we digested the
    aftermath of the horror. In some ways, that means allowing for time to heal the
    emotional scars that we all bear. In other cases, it refers to the logistical
    implications of our current displacement. If we’re to walk our journey one step
    at a time, we must make sure each step is a sturdy one. For me, that means
    rebuilding an operational platform and getting down to the business of trading.

    I’ve developed a passion for writing and, more importantly, a genuine care for
    the readership. As such, I’m sure you know that my heart and soul has gone into
    my column and that I take your performance personally. However, I cannot help
    you until I’m in a position to help US, and we’re actively addressing that now.
    I can only be honest regarding my current situation, and that’s what I’m
    presently attempting to do.

    I would like to thank all of you for your support and patience, and for the
    friendships I’ve discovered through this venue. Trust me, there are a lot of
    good souls out there who want very much to make this world a better place.
    Think positive, stay focused on the important stuff, and keep that right hand
    up. With a little love and a bit of luck, we’ll all find our way. Together.

    May peace be with you.

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