Todd H. is writing again

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  1. should really start a cartoon financial show on nickalodeon or disney with his characters. "hoofy " "boo" etc

    to compete with CNBC and CNNFN .... I would rather watch it
    than most of the characters on those shows ...
  2. I would encourage all the newbies who are starting journals, etc to spend some serious time each day on Todd's site. I believe it is difficult to trade the e-mini's if you don't know much about how the stock market operates. He gives you an insider's view of what's happening. I have found that he is seldom wrong about short term direction. He does not call trades or any of that chat room crap, but I have found it's best not to be leaning in the opposite direction from him.
  3. I think its pretty entertaining, but I dont see a tremendous amount of insight there. I am sure he has the insights and I can tell from the way he gives his readers glimpses of what he is seeing, but honestly I think it is pretty watered down to cater to a pretty unsophisticated audience...Dont get me wrong, I enjoy it and the guy certainly has a real talent for writing...
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    Pretty much sums up how I feel about his commentary.

    In trading its near impossible to speak in absolutes, but it seems to me he hardly ever gets too far beyond vague when referring to short term direction. Most of what I've read revolves around the equal debate of cases for longs and shorts and then ends with advising us that discretion is the better part of valor. The constant harping on the fact that it’s an educational site, and “isn’t advice on how to trade” and repetitiously stating that his priority is to his investors and not the readers is a bit patronizing, as well.

    I have to admit, though, that there is some useful “big-picture” information there, particularly for those new to the markets. I’m glad he’s posting, but so far I’ve found it largely disappointing.
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    I find his writing to be entertaining and actually look forward to his posts during market lulls. However, whatever value one can glean is mostly from "reading between the lines"... few newbies would get it. And his positions mentioned are often negated by his next post, so newbies tempted to chase after his positons are likely to be left holding the bag. :D
  6. I think he may have some skill in determining market direction.

    However, as someone mentioned above, the writing style is cryptic, and has a lot of noise in it (tiresome "baby boomer rock-n-roll" lyrics, childish "hoofy & boo" references, "schvitzin with gamma etc", patronizing "priority" lectures "it's just money" NO ITS NOT!!!, it's freedom and survival)

    If I read someone's commentary, the only thing I care about is gaining insight into market direction quickly, PERIOD. If someone has a reason they can't give it to me straight, that's their business, but they are wasting my time.

    Bob Brinker is someone who also shares the "between the lines" crap style.
  7. Been following Todd's writing for a few years now, and glad he's back. With the Boo and Miney, and Hoof stuff, makes it an interesting read. But if you keep reading his stuff for a while you get a big picture view of the market and he occasionally points out things like a buy order on 80,000 QQQ PUTS, which when he called out the market was down a few hundred points and rallied back to positive.

    On another note, it's free people. Your not paying anything for it, newbies get a feel for the market, experienced traders get a chance to see what is in the mind of a hedge fund manager with over a 100 million dollars under management. Like everyone else I do wish he was a bit more specific in his calls and positions, but why does he wnat competition for his hedge fund, thats where he makes his money. And he has specifically said a number of times, that the shareholders of the fund have absolute priority compared to his readers.
  8. I've been reading it for a while. As I understand it, while it's free now, soon it won't be free. Maybe I misunderstand.

    I find the column enjoyable....but far too often it ends up giving you various alternative scenarios, which boil down to "it will go up unless it goes down".

    Had a couple of good calls down near the bottom. Looked like he was leaning the right way at the lows. BUT also went short on day 2 of the rally if memory serves. I guess he has just kept riding this one. Ouch.

    Like he says though, make your own mind up. So if I'm making my own mind up I start to wonder why I would be paying him. Assuming that it does become a paid for site.

  9. I tend to agree with a lot of the criticism, even though I find value in his commentary. I personally don't care for all the sideshow stuff but I've kind of resigned myself to the fact that it seems to motivate him. I doubt he needs the money, probablyhe gets off on being "creative."

    I do think he calls things pretty straight, if he waffles that is because he is unsure or sees a lot of risk. Also, he is running a hedged portfolio, so his focus tends to be on playing both sides. I would like to see a bit more discussion of actual trades. I don't think a pay site will last long just by telling you to keep an eye on the SOX and BKX and respect price but don't defer to it, whatever that means.

    I find his commentary to be a pretty useful reality check on my own analysis and positions. If I am way short and he is long calls, I would not be comfortable for sure. I found his column to be the single best feature ever on RealMoney.

    He is looking for suggestions. I have given him a few, and I think it would be a good idea for all of you who see value in his site but have reservations, to go to his site and e-mail him your points.
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