Today's triple witching friday predictions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by allin, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Today is triple witching Friday (the third Friday of March, June, September and December, when options, index futures, and options on index futures expire concurrently) anyone have any guesses on where we will close today?

    I'm thinking we will be down all day with the Dow dipping below the 12,000 mark again. If we close down today, chances are we will close down Monday as well (historically an expiration Friday that closed down resulted in the following Monday closing down 64.45% of the time)
  2. Isn't it Quadruple witching today?
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    Your right, single stock futures expire today too.
  4. In the opposite direction of my positions.

    Yeah right. I'm only paper trading (futures) this week. I'm new to futures, but I got destroyed last month on the day before and day of options expiration so I learned my lesson.

    Too bad, tho, cuz I'm up about 50 ticks this morning. Whoops, make that 39.

    Good thing I'm paper trading this week tho because I did horribly yesterday and Wednesday, too.
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    I predict we will - Fluctuate.
  6. Around 1:15PM EST S&P finally put Ford, GM, and Chrysler on "Credit Watch" . . .

    Where have these morons been ALL this time???
  7. LOL ... they're the same guys who said there was nothing to worry about hours after the Titanic hit that berg

  8. What is credit watch?
  9. I ended up being profitable today. Not enough to make up for the last two days' losses tho. Good thing I was just paper trading.
  10. I was profitable today too. Somewhat - I should rephrase - I made back some of my overall (unrealized) losses today. IMB and GSI, two of the four stocks in my portfolio, gained 15% each today. DRYS and CROX both lost 5% today.
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