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    opens lower than yesterday's close but trends up. anyone have stats on how often this happen?
  2. Today the market "delta" transitioned from negative to positive between 09:35 and 09:40 EST and it has never looked back (we are now up over 48,000 contracts on the ES). There have been a ton of LONG scalp plays today with the overall "delta". the stat you are looking for is really not that important once the day starts because anything can happen on any day.
  3. wow, yu seem like you know your shite, are you a pro or something??nice post, i'm aiming to learn
  4. sentiment is definetly bullish...dont ask me why but thats how it is. aapl is on a rage i wouldn't be surprised if it gets above 80..remember that sept is very near [schools open] and aapl tends to rally huge in august...this is a massive buy and u still in time imo.
  5. :D I do know my shite! :D
  6. 15 net tick jams over 1000 is a lot of gunning of the futures. someone wants to be long.
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    These guys might have some stats you're interested in:

    They seem to be in to that kind of stuff. Don't know if they have exactly what you're looking for.

  8. We tested the top yesterday afternoon....we tested the bottom this morning....and now we are on our way back up to test the top....

    It has absolutely nothing to do with yesterdays close or today's open....
  9. There was something about the extremely thin and erratic price action in the futures today that should make todays jam suspect. It seems like the bulls want to get up past 1290 and then run it up and try to test the highs. The only problem is that the techs fail to due anything and the russell still looks bad. it needs to rally another 30 points before a long trade could really be taken seriously. I really think that if oil and the financials cant continue to rally then its down we go on all the indexes. oil energy, banks seem like the only thing keeping us up. the oex is at the top of its range and the bkx is going to run out of steam soon. This seems like a typical bear market. fewer stocks leading to the upside. thoughts?
  10. Exactly...and IBD's recent market analysis concurs.
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