Todays target for QQQQ bounce back

Discussion in 'Trading' started by joep, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Anyone have a target for todays bounce in the QQQQ's?
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    The bounce back is becoming more reliable than the sun rising
  5. ===============
    Yes ,[not a prediction]figured earlier a top area of $45.45;
    put it simple, on the polar bear side, let the profits run.

    NasdaQQQ[now qqqq] has gone from $120.00 area;
    crashed to 20 or 21 area . So even if doesnt or does crash to $21 or 20.00, again , let the polar bear profits run.


    Reviewed my daily data on qqqq;/last 5 days;
    lots of testing 45.45 area.

    And speaking of wisdom ;
    $$20 wasnt the exact bottom but in that area:D