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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by wrbtrader, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Thanks Got IT!
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    It seems like the entire "Trading Raw on You-Tube" thread under the Educational Resources Forum might be questionable.
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    I checked it out, it's borderline. I'll keep watch of it.
    Thanks for bringing it up.
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    Joe - as usual, your discretion is spot on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shedding a bit of daylight on available training venues and discussing the merits to any commercially available product.
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    That thread gave me the worst itch, I deleted it and banned one of the users after reviewing his other threads and noticed from the beginning he came with an agenda.

    Once again thanks for the heads up,

  8. BondsFTL

    He's spamming private messages with messages about Jewish text Torah, Talmud and forecasts. I got one of his religious political messages.

    I never understood why folks like him or her just doesn't join one of the thousands of forums online about religion or political concerns and debates. That type of stuff shouldn't be allowed in the trading forums nor via private messages at trader forums.

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    I took care of his account, Thanks for the heads up.
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