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  1. Once again working like a charm, with all trading below the ES PIVOT of 1134.00 being Bearish and S1 coming in at 1120.00, just 3/4's of a point from the low of the day.

    Weekly PIVOT is 1136.33

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    Hmmm. And here I thought it was the simple, exponential, weighted 40d MA.

    And you don't see any price support at this level whatsoever?
  3. For Dow
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    I'm angry because it is undershot by 2 points instead of overshot by 2 points. Generally it is rather overshot.
  4. What are you trying to say?
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    I know you elaborated on it before, but I couldn't find this info. Could you please be so kind and explain to me your algorithm of finding pivots that work so great for you. I'd appreciate it very much.
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    What I said before. Price provides the support, not the simple/exponential/weighted 40d MA.
  7. Are weekly pivots calculated, and used the same way as daily pivots?

    Weekly h-l-c/3 ?

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    I suppose there just the normal floor traders pivots, something everyone should have on their screens when daytrading, imho.

    Jep, today was good for them, but they need a lot more confirmation from other "dimensions" to provide the setups I like in ES. Good as general "targets"...the clou here is to know which pivots will hold, because of market geometry & price/time squares.

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  10. I use just a few daytrading technicals such as Fibs, my 3 main MA's, and the Support/Resistance numbers that are associated with the Daily Pivot.

    I believe that using all 3 of these concepts together works very well together.

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