Today's open for SPX (3/22)--quote problem?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chinook, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. According to my Tradestation quote, daily SPX data is not showing the gap down this morning. SPX opened at 1109.78-- almost at Friday's close and then slipped down fast. But ES opened about 6 points down (931 am EST)with respect to 4pm EST Friday's close. I'm wondering what other vendors are showing for SPX open this morning.


  2. Depends on who/how the cash index is calculated - carrying over the Friday close to the open price is common. However, some quote sources don't record their "open" for the cash index until about 9:45am ET because not all index component stocks open for trading at exactly 9:30am ET. Technically, the "open" of the cash index would be the prior day's close and then it ramps/drops from there over the next bunch of minutes as the component stocks each open and start trading.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I checked Yahoo and it's showing SPX open at 1,103.62 about 6 points lower than TS. However, TS open for Nasdaq Comp. is in line with Yahoo.