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What do you think of today's hit music

  1. It's awesome!

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  2. It's crap!

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  1. What happened to music nowadays? Why do they suck so much?

    Is there any good new music coming out anymore?
  2. lolololololololol

    you must be kidding.

    music has sucked for decades or longer. this is just the rotten carcass laying out in the sun.

    there is actually decent and creative music still being made, but IMPOSSIBLE to hear on commercial radio. Old story.

    The average person is a music illiterate. They are the only audience that is catered to by radio stations. With rare and difficult to find exceptions.

    I have a massive collection of music spanning 40 years . The chance of me hearing any of it on the radio is about 50-1. 10000-1 for anything mildly esoteric. Zero for most of it.
  3. 777, please give some examples of some really good music that most might not know.

  4. What'd you do? Run out of pot.

    j/k {:>)

    Old joke.

    I agree. I listen to whatever my kids listen to. Not because I like it, just to see what's out there. blah, No hope. Nice to have you tube and visit the old days and easy enough to share with my kids the music I like.
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    I second that. I would like to hear some examples as well. This will be good.
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    It used to be about the music. Today, a lot of it seems to be more about sex to some sort of beat. No heart and soul put into it. No originality. Talentless losers making big bucks. Really pathetic. Anybody see the Super Bowl halftime show? Weak.
  7. Hmm. Well, look at Elvis......was he actually any good, or was he just a "newish" sound at the time? His B' sides were crap, same as the Beatles, if anyone remembers single lp's.
    I don't, I just heard some, and chose to forget them.

    Now, is it R&B, hip -hop, dance, or some other mashup? And does it matter? As long as there are jiggly bits in the clip, it's just mtv rubbish, innit?
  8. I remember about 1978-79 Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth hitting the stage and it was the most blow away sound in the world and the show was f*ckin incredible.
    At least to us at that moment it was amazing, as our parents thought is was complete garbage and wanted to know what happened to the good music.
  9. Just watched the Grammys ...painfully watched them. Lady Gaga's song is not unlike anything thats been done a hundred times by others. Music has gotten to be a formula that has more to do with the business driving it to fame and profit that anything
    you could call talent. Alot of bands I see have instrumentalists who look like they picked up their instrument a month ago and learned to make some noises with it. All you need is an idea, like add all kinds of peripheral gimmickery that has little to do with
    musicianship, drive a repetitive thing into the ground with a pounding beat and you get on the Letterman show. Streisand sang at the Grammys. Quite a contrast in quality. A voice like fine lace. Not so much this time though she didn't embarass herself but historically the charts.
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    Seek help.
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