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Discussion in 'Trading' started by rc5781, Dec 5, 2008.

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    when the market does something keeps doing it.....(at least for one session)
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    there are rare defining moments when bonds rule everything (stocks, commodities, forex). it happened exactly at around 1PM. cash was redirected to irrigate different more fertile lands.

    If cash is water, get it from the source and use it to buy the fertile lands. you get two bangs for your buck: 1) Your cost of your liquid is cheap, and 2) the return on the fertile land is high because the cost of liquidity is cheap now and in the future, and might become more expensive in the future. One helps your land's price rise and the future value of your cash rise on his way back . The other makes further liquidity rushing in your lands which makes even $sh*t rise in price. So you do not worry if you own some some $sh*t as long as you pass it to someone else when the tide is high. At that point you sell the s* and keep some of the land until a reversal of direction of liquid cash. At that point, reverse and you shall gain even further cash.
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    my shit sounder so much smoother... i read your shit twice and still didn't quite want to elaborate?