Today's jobs numbers and the market's (over)reaction. EPI calls BS.

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  1. Some excerpts from this report, which I take with some grain of salt since it refers to the canard of saving or creating jobs, which is a measure that is removed from any serious analytical method. Nonetheless, the rest makes sense and I believe the market bulls are navigating their boats into a storm that will devour them in Q1 2010:



    But yeah uhm, it's all good. Nothing to see here.
  2. Economic numbers such as ISM and today's Unemployment Report are pointing to a Recovery, faster than expected.

    Non-Manfacturing numbers where weak on the Service Sector side but that is expected, with the consumer still nervous.

    Never the less, you can't argue with the current data and the market.

    I'm long CL (Crude) as of today. I expect a rally in the next week or so.

    However, the over all economy is looking stronger than I expected.

    There are still risk present. But, all in all, we may be coming out of this depression faster than even I thought. Time will tell.
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    emrglobal i don't like to say it but you're full of shit. the economy is a disaster. BASICALLY YOU'RE SAYING BECAUSE THE # TODAY BEAT SOME RIGGED LIEING BULLSHIT ESTIMATE ITS GOOD. go do your homework. at this month during the last recovery in 2003 the economy was adding over 200k jobs a month and the weekly claims were under 350k. oh and p/e's were 1/2 what they are now and the mkt was up 35% off its lows versus 70% now. whats been lost during this whole 8 month rally is the way wall street has shaped peoples expectations to accept super low ball ests. so wall street has had the power to use any ests they want and as long as the company beats it no matter how low it is
    everyone gets excited and they sky the stock. this whole mkt and economy is a farce.
  4. LOL. So right on. "You can't argue with the numbers"??? That is exactly what this thread is about, and the link I posted gives some strong arguments. Please by all means, refute them on the merit, I would love some good contrarian input, but it has to be based on something on this planet we call earth.

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    I totally agree. The BS just keeps flowing. The sad thing is that BS is probably the only tool they have left to con the sheep.
  6. I was on epi's site. They may or may not be right about their jobs report analysis, but let's not act as if this group is some dispassionalte organization. These guys would have a problem is the jobs number was +300K.

    epi is a a liberal, pro-union, pro higher minimum wage, anit-free trade, ... group. They are always carping about the 'plight of the 'working american'. Its founders include such geniuses as Lester Thurow and Robert Reich. If you look in the dictionary under 'Idiot Ivy League economist who has never been right about anything' you get Thurow's picture (above Krugman).
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    Agree as well, seems 99% of the people here don't want to take the time to understand the reality of what the fed is actually doing to prop the economy up. Bubble Ben is doing the same exact thing bubble greenspan did and everyone should know greenspans ways is what led to this crisis.
  8. These are the last 2009 unemployment numbers to be published by the federal government - right before the Xmas shopping season

    Nothing to see here folks.

    Good numbers = happy shoppers

    Now wives can shop without feeling insecure that their husbands may lose their jobs.

  9. Agree! Sometime, it is so oblivious, you see lie in front of you. I was thinking they can't put bad number out to smash this Christmas spirit, at same time, inject some fears into shorting USD camp.
  10. Yup - two birds, one stone.
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