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    Does anyone know where I can get today's intraday data from off the web? There are millions and millions of intraday charts out there to be had, so surely there must be someone offering intraday data. I don't particularly need historical data, just actual numbers from today. I would prefer 1 minute or 5 minute ticks, with open, high, low, close, volume - all in text data table. Something like this would be perfect (but intraday, of course).

    Any suggestions?

    Cheers. :)
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    Just in case some future user is looking for the same thing, after much looking I came across the answer for what I was looking for. There are two competing products on the market which will download intraday data to your computer (neither are real time. This is mostly for back testing.) They are found at and I tried both products, and would have to recommend the later. HQotes was rarely able to connect to its server in order to download the data. QuoteLinks on the other hand I found to be exactly what I needed. Both products will download to ascii format only, but most backtesting products can import ascii without much fuss. Both are a one time fee of around $50. No month to month fee, which can save anyone quite a bit of hard earned cash.

    Hope this helps someone at least.


  3. How many days back can you get for intraday prices with quotelinks?
    DTN IQ has intraday data back 5 days, but you have to put each symble in one at a time. I noticed that quotelinks will handle up to 1000 symbles at once.
  4. There is a place to get todays intraday data from the web: , type in the ticker then go to charts. Select "period" 10-day range and then click file -> export data. Unfortunately this is 5 min intraday data only but a good thing it is free. Otherwise the product that you've mentioned works pretty well.
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    jj_jere@hotmail, will download 500 time blocks. So, if you select 5 minutes, it will download 500 five minute ticks. If you select days, you get five hundred days. etc etc.
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    Why don't you just sign up for the free charting service at

    You can then export 1 minute upwards for the last few days for just about any future. index or stock to excel or ascii.
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    Well, that is what I was looking for in the first place. Oh well. What's fourty dollars down the drain? Thanks for the post, Funster.... even if it is too late for me. :)


  8. Since they have no e-mail to contact them; Is it a one time price for $39.95 or per month? Can they download 1000 symbles, each in 500 blocks, say 1000 equities at 5 min intervals for the last two days? Thanks JJ
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    Faction and JJ.

    I would also look at Silicon Investor. They have great screening and charting software that you can use for free. You can store both portfolios and screens. They also have a pay product which is about $30 bucks a month. The pay product was not what I was looking for, but they were real cool when I canceled and to me that says a lot.

    Also, and I don't use them but I have heard good things about TC-2000. Investors Business Daily touts them, as does the Chartman Gary Smith from the

    Good Luck
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    can Silicon Investor's charts export to ascii? What I am really looking for was is an ability to cheaply backtest some theories. I know TS is great for this, but it is also a tad on the pricey side. Being as I can code up my own backtests, assuming I have the data, it makes more sense for me to pay a one time fee to download as much data as I need, and then code the tests myself.

    Thanks for the response. I will go check out SI's screening capabilities.


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