Today's IB Problem (865.2)

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Wayne Gibbous, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. I love IB, but the forced TWS upgrades bug me.

    I have Build 865.2 now and like others have seen, problems are showing up. Some have complained about quotes on Futures freezing up. It seemed fine for a few days, but now...

    What just happened to me, was the futures and API orders were fine, but all my existing portfolio was stuck at Last Price = "C" (Close). Since the Futures quotes were working it could not have been my network or ISP.

    And, sure enough, I had to re-start TWS (and my autotrader) to get it working again. This sux for me, because it screws up my autotrading order counts, logging, and other metrics.

    IB, are you listening? This never happened with my OLD Build. :mad:

    Time for 865.3?
  2. problems here as well, some quotes are stuck and all my porfolio quotes are wacked or stuck in the close prices. also no change in % or $ in portfolio.

    latest build, webtrader.
  3. rebooted and everything's fine now. still no good, this is happening in the past few days and had to log out every time.
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    865.5 is already out. Haven't noticed any probs with it.
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    Also had stuck quotes in 865.5 today, which a reboot fixed (for now)
  6. Its amazing what some people will put up with for cheap broker fees (Including myself):(

  7. 865.7 is out.
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    How much QA can they be doing if they are pumping out new releases this fast?

    What the hell...its only money.
  9. quotes and pnl on portfolio, both on dedicated page and default are completely stuck, AGAIN.
  10. These problems are irritating, but IB is looking into it.

    I think most here appreciate that IB monitors ET and tries to help.

    Not making excuses for them and it is a hassle for me too, but show me ANY trading platform with NO problems all year?

    There may be a very few, but I'd wager that even "institutional grade" (whatever that is) very expensive platforms have their share of problems.

    Good luck and good trading to all.

    And here's to a profitable and healthy new year! :cool:
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