Today's FREE Seminar: Quant Trade launches ROXI

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    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Erik Long from Quant Trade on Thursday, October 11 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Erik Long has studied evolutionary feedback systems since his university days at UCLA, CSU and the University of London. Erik is the founder of Tetrahex, a private trading technology company that was sold to a publicly traded company in 2006. He is the inventor of Fractal Finance, a market analysis software package based on Chaos theory. He is also one of the developers of SWARM (Statistically Weighted Arbitrage Recognition Model), a high frequency arbitrage model and is a managing partner of Quant Trade.

    Topic: "Quant Trade launches ROXI, a new low latency co-location service for MultiCharts users"

    Description: Join Erik Long as he demonstrates the new ROXI (Remote Order Exchange Interface) service from Quant Trade Technologies. This service allows MultiCharts users to trade their systems on state of the art servers located in the 350 E Cermak Data Center in Chicago. This is the largest data center in the world and home to most of the major exchanges.

    The benefits to electronic and algorithmic traders are many including:

    1) Lower latency of trade execution due to proximity of the execution networks and exchange gateways.

    2) Convenience of using the STH thin client to connect directly to the data center from any internet connection in the world.

    3) Regularly updated state of the art technology.

    4) Redundancy and data backup.

    5) Disaster recovery and fail safe rollover.

    Each ROXI user will be provided with a small terminal that is called an STH thin client. While not a requirement to log-in to the server, the STH makes it incredibly easy. Attach a mouse and monitor the STH and plug into the internet. You are automatically connected to your personal workspace on the servers. No longer worry about speed, upgrading computers, viruses, power outages, reliability of the internet connection and a host of other concerns that electronic traders have.

    ROXI has been in development for almost one year and is going to be soft launched at the FIA show in Chicago on October 31st. If you are an electronic trader using MultiCharts or interested in becoming one, you do not want to miss this webinar.