Today's Free Seminar: Pattern Recognition with Ted Hearne of Drummond Geometry

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  1. MultiCharts is committed to helping traders learn and grow by inviting industry experts to present webinars. Different presentations cover trading methods, trading ideas, and our MultiCharts trading software. Everyone from new traders to experts can learn something new, so pick ones that interest you and click Register to reserve a spot!

    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Ted Hearne of on Tuesday, August 28 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Ted Hearne is a trader and writer with 30 years experience in the financial markets. He holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the College of Wooster; he has lived and worked in China, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. He is currently based in Michigan, where he is an active trader, teaches advanced techniques to market professionals, and conducts a nightly market forecast service using Drummond Geometry trading techniques.

    Topic: “Pattern Recognition and Market Turns using Drummond Geometry.”

    Description: Pattern Recognition is the essence of trading, and without patterns there is no trading. It is only when we see a pattern and recognize it for what it is when it re-appears that we understand what to do in the market. Ted will show how the tools of Drummond Geometry can both define the pattern and organize the watch for them. He will put special emphasis on showing how the Drummond tools can identify patterns very early in their developing repetition, so that the trader can take action before the market has made its move.
  2. Is there any way MC could improve its line drawing capabilities in regard to market geometry?

    It is not possible to place a line segment anywhere a person might chose.

    Lets assume your speaker is talented and skilled and does want to pick off trades (be knowledgable about their potential occurrance) before they actually flow from the future into the present. He may not be able to construct the geometric boundaries he would like simply because he cannot draw a line segment where he wishes.