Today's FREE Seminar: Nick McDonald of Trade With Precision

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    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Nick McDonald of Trade With Precision on Thursday, November 1 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Nick McDonald is the CEO, founder and head trader of Trade With Precision and has spent over a decade perfecting his unique approach to trading. Nick launched in 2006 and is now recognized around the world as a leader in market commentary and trading education. This recognition is largely due to his ability to take the complicated world of trading and simplify it so everyday people can learn to make an income from trading the markets.

    Topic: Precision Trading Strategies on Live Markets

    Description: Nick McDonald will demonstrate the exact trading strategies he trades himself on a daily basis and do this on live charts, picking out his favorite trades on futures and forex markets and showing you exactly how he plans to trade them and why. Nick will also share his bigger picture outlook for equity and currency markets, delivering the very same no-nonsense market commentary that he delivers for brokers and trading exchanges around the world. This is a chance for you to see how a professional trader uses MultiCharts to scan the broad market for trading opportunities and is a session not to be missed.
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    It’s my understanding that Nick McDonald has been using his Trade with Precision system for any number of years now with marked success. I think the approach I began using Today, March 25, 2018, is similar, if only on a superficial level, and perhaps destined to be almost as profitable. But instead of using standard moving averages, I use ones that were carefully selected based on whether they did the absolute best job of forecasting price’s actual destination in comparison to all other options.

    This also led to my using moving average crossovers as opposed to location between moving averages (trade zones) as my trigger signal for entering positions. It’s all about how price relates to each of the moving averages and how the moving averages relate to each other, both in terms of their relative trajectories and in terms of the amount of distance between them.

    ScreenHunter_7407 Mar. 25 18.03.jpg
    The point of developing a new system when I already have a winning one is to hopefully originate an approach that will empower me to trade much more frequently while still maintaining a success rate in the neighborhood of 90% or even better (as a means of self-funding a nonprofit idea I have for serving a particular niche of the U.S. population free of cost).

    Of course, whether or not I succeed remains to be seen, but I recently had one contributor to these forums indicate to me that HE has “taken very small amounts of funds and snowballed huge in a week, but the amount of time to do so manually,” he lost money because his time is worth so much more elsewhere.

    I Trust the fact that he has areas where his time is of such great worth means he is living a life more wonderful than I could ever imagine, so I’m extremely happy for him! But as for me, having found that I can generate a minimum hourly return of 1% average from less than a $100 balance, and believing I can do even better with a balance of $1000 or even $10,000 (the equivalence of making $100 an hour), there is nowhere in my life where my time has greater value—at least not in a monetary sense—so if this works out, I plan to continue not for just a week, but for as long as I live, God willing.

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