Today's Earning's Report Stocks Worth Playing

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  1. We're in the midst of earnings season, I thought this thread would be a good idea for people to share ideas on which of the dozens of stocks reporting earnings each day might be most worth following.
  2. Like, on monday I should have bought Calls on CVS. It was way down around $22. Now it's over $25 (earnings were reported yesterday morning)
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    I love playing breakaway gaps to the downside and earnings generate more of them than anything else.
  4. LSTR: Landstar trucking up $3.00

    USAI: USA (TV) Network up $1.50

    GCI: Gannet publications up $1.00

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    SWY: Safeway groceries down $0.50

    MTH: Meritage homebuilders down $1.00

    PEP: Pepsi down $1.25
  5. LSTR, USAI, and GCI were among today's biggest price gainers. The leader both of net price and % price gain on NYSE was another company that reported earnings today: TBL.
    Timberland is not a forestry products company, but a footwear company.

    SWY Safeway and PEP Pepsi both refused to provide earnings forecasts, and they both fell. Pepsi may be dropping mainly due to some ludicrous Boycotts threatened. First, some conservative groups were going to boycott Pepsi a few months ago for featuring rapper Ladacris with allegedly offensive lyrics in a commercial. Pepsi pulled the commercials as a result of the boycott threat. Now rapper groups are calling for a boycott of Pepsi in response to their recent commercials featuring Ozzy Osbourne allegedly using equally offensive language, claiming that Pepsi applies a hypocritical and probably racist double standard.

    Today was a slow and indecisive day for the market, and earnings reports may have been a better play on a day like today.

    Perhaps the most relevant stock to event-driven psychology that reported earnings today was HB. Hillenbrand, a provider of funeral services and producer of caskets, was up from 1%-2% today. War, huh, what is it good for. Actually, they make hospital beds as well as caskets, which is even more eery. Uncle Fester is a big shareholder in this company.
  6. CSTR: Coinstar, makes the coin-counting machines you see in supermarket entrances
    MHK: Mohawk, makes carpets and flooring products
    EDS: Electronic Data Services, business computer services
    OVER: Overture, provider of internet advertising
    PIXR: Pixar animation studios

    All down this evening. Biggest loser was PIXR down about $7, followed by OVER, down about $3 or more
  7. CBK down but not bad fundmentals for retail sector in these economic times...

    in bear market and during months that are histoicalluy poor for stock performance... it seems like any small bad news is over-reacted to; while seemingly good news is honored with cynicsim that it won't continue, or is likely inaccurate or a half truth.
  8. Fridays usually have a shorter list of Earnings Report companies

    CI: Cigna insurance company
    DB: Deutsche Bank
    PL: Protective Life, insurance company
    OSIP: OSI Pharmaceutical, researching cancer drugs
  9. Negatives:

    MAR: Marriott Hotels
    MCY: Mercury General, car insurance


    WEC: Wisconsin Energy doubles profits in chilly weather
    VAL: Valspar paint and coatings company
    RHT: Right Management, career consultants
    GET: Gaylord Entertainment, no it's not Elton-John, it's a mostly Nashland company with hotels and resorts and riverboats
    CHD: Church & Dwight, no it's not Charlotte&Elton-John, they making baking soda
    CNTE: Centene Corp, managed care providers
  10. FDP: Del Monte foods beats estimates by 21¢
    BBI: Blockbuster Video, hit low end of estimates
    AET: Aetna health insurance
    YUM: TacoBell/PizzaHut/KentuckyFriedChicken
    BP: British Petroleum, gets Russian drilling contract
    MET: Metropolitan Life insurance
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