Todays deal cost between 200-300 billion

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    Certainly, Democrats got something, perhaps even more than expected. Discussing the arrangement with the Huffington Post, senior administration officials stressed that even the labor federation "AFL-CIO did not think...we could keep" the 13 months of unemployment insurance. The actual cost of the provisions that the White House secured, meanwhile, was pricier than the cost of extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich -- $215 billion (including UI) versus $95 billion, all over two years.

    And so it wasn't entirely surprising that some more progressive-minded columnists and economists opined favorably (albeit with caveats) about the final package.

    As Ezra Klein noted, "the end result is between $200 and $300 billion more in tax breaks, tax credits and unemployment insurance" that is, effectively, a stimulus.
  2. I am not happy about this BS

    99 weeks of unemployemnt is to long,now they are adding another year :mad:

    I wanted all Bush taxs cuts to end

    Obamas weak ass caved to Republicans once again

    Hypocrite Republicans who claim to care about the deficit and spending just allowed another 200-300 billion to be added to the national debt so that the rich can keep the Bush tax cuts

    I'm usually pissed at one side or the other,but this time both sides worked together to fuck the country
  3. After trillions of spending Obama signed into law, what's another 300 billion? [​IMG]
  4. Dang Range Rover! We actually agree on something? Did Barry piss on your Cheerios this morning? [​IMG]
  5. It's going to be more than $200-300 billion for that 2 year extension.

    Guess what happens in 2 years.

    Who's gonna say "Vote for me, and I'll raise your taxes." ?
  6. Yes he did:mad:
  7. Amazing how that happens isn't it. China, Japan and Saudi Arabia when we (..the greatest country in the world?) come hat in hand might say this time, "I don't think so"
  8. I think the republicans could have driven a harder bargain. The only really problematic thing they gave up was the unemployment benefits though. Importantly, those who have already maxed out their 99 weeks are not eligible.

    Republicans should have insisted on the tax rates being made permanent. They had a win-win situation, either make Obama look even weaker when he caved or let him be responsible for a big middle class tax increase and no more extended unemployment benefits.
  9. Lucrum


    His 2012 campaign slogan: "Yes we caved yes we caved"
  10. Just when I'm on the verge of voting 3rd party a Republican puts me back on track to holding my nose and voting for Obama

    As bad as todays outcome was you let me know that if a Republican was in the White House it would have been much worse
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