Today's CPI number (March 14 2008)

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    I'm guessing the market will puke after a high number is posted.

    The question is, what will that dick Bernake do on Tuesday and how the market react to that?
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    rally to a million
  3. axehawk


    I guess Bernake has the green light now to cut .75 or even 1.00 on Tuesday.
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    Today's report showed energy prices dropped 0.5 percent, the most since August, after a 0.7 percent increase in the prior month. The cost of electricity dropped by the most since December 2005. Gasoline and fuel oil prices also fell, while natural gas expenses jumped.

  5. With metals, grains, energy sky-ing and money pump at 18%, my view is that this CPI report is just another BIG FAT LIE... not that it matters to traders in the short run.
  6. Is there any question that these reports are massaged and manipulated?? Everywhere else in the world inflation seems to be rising...
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    No shit.

    How the hell can this number go down/stay flat with oil @ 110 and all the ags going parabolic?
  8. Don't ask questions. Their is no inflation. Rates to 1% ZERO inflation got it.
  9. oil over 110... but that's why they invented the Core CPI :)

    so we can have more to discuss and argue about... :) lol

    anyways, don't focus too much on CPI bcoz there's the consumer confidence and then Beeks speaking.... so... i'd go for a walk today... better for blood pressure. it's not like you have to make money today.
  10. Commodities you have a green light zoom zoom zoom. Oil $120.00, corn $1000, soybeans 2000 inflation not a problem ready for takeoff.
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