Today's BONDS!

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by waggie945, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Wow!

    Today was one of the greatest trading days EVER in the BONDS!

    Move after move after move, and even a nice fade job into the close . . . Hope it continues next week!~

    Why trade stocks when you can trade these puppies???

  2. fan27


    Looks like the shorts got croaked today.
  3. Pabst


    So glad i missed it.
  4. do you ever enter a position with stops in above and below certain levels in ZN or ZB and hope there is a huge move to carry your new position forward?

    gosh ... could one have had a buy stop in at 108 in ZB H 04

    and gotten a fill not far off from stop price ,

    then sell at 109 ? ( 830 am ... after the number came out )

    Also ... perhaps you have mentioned this before on a bond futures thread , but do you look at the cash TYX + TNX ever

    or even know if the mortgage backed securities market
    movements intraday affect the ZB + ZN ?
  5. jem


    two question why am I having trouble pulling up the short term 30 year bond charts. I have tried zb us yh-- I have used z3, h4 u4 (just in case we had a roll) and #f.

    Finally, does Ib trade the zb electronically all day long. What is the yh like besides smaller.
  6. Hey Jem,

    Try ZBH4 for the March 30 Year Electronic contract and USH4 for the pit-traded 30 Year contract.

  7. blb078


    her are the quotes for the bond and two most active notes(electronic)

    ZBH4- 30 bond
    ZNH4- 10 note
    ZFH4- 5 note

    plenty of volume on all three. the notes are a little over 15 bux a tick and the bond is a little over 30 bux a tick.
  8. pux03


    Shorts got squeezed today.......what do you think about more of a move to the upside in the short-term.....with the recent softer than expected economic numbers and the fact that everybody seems to have been short going into today
  9. ramora


    Don't ED contracts have more volume? How does the Eurodollar 90-day interest rate contract compare to the notes and bonds? I am comparing the charts and its not much help. Sorry, for the simple question, but thank you in advance.

  10. blb078


    from what i can see, it looks like bonds and notes are going to be up and the indexes down, at least for the first part of the week.
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