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  1. If you'll take a look at today's attachment, I posted a note on the pic. These aren't pivot points. I'm taking a couple days down in Las looks like it's going to be nice. Just got in and heading for supper, but I'll run the numbers for tomorrow and post a pic when I get back. Hope you guys had a great day in the market.
  2. Pic didn't attach...I'll try again.
  3. Personally, I have no use for after action reports. I need forecasts.
  4. Is there a chart for tomorrow? That would really help.
  5. trendo


    Hello Dave,

    How much do people pay you to get tomorrow's prices today?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Illum


    running to supper, headed to vegas... I'll run numbers..

    top call

    Who's long? That's your partner.
  7. This was posted prior to today's was the forecast.
  8. I just started doing this with ET in the past week+ and have enjoyed all the criticism. I'm not charging anything for the abuse. Attached is the pic of tomorrow's most probables. Again, I'll eliminate the irrelevant price levels prior to or at the open.
  9. Tomorrow's mid down price (cash S&P) is 1198.27 which would put the futures at approx 1195.25. Valuations definitely put is in an upper standard, so hitting that level before the opening bell seems an easy target. We'll see.
  10. Your original post is the evening of the 29th. If the action is for the 30th, then write it as tomorrow's action, or the 30th's action, not today's action. The date and time of your posts appear above the rest of your writings.

    You did not forecast the action of the 29th.
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