Today's (8/16) Prints of 953 and 985 on NQ real?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by thereuare, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. I walked away from my computer this morning during the first 1/2 hour so trading or so and when i came back it appeared that the NQ had hit a low of about 953 and shortly thereafter made a high of around 985 or so, all of this while the market was fairly quiet when and i left and when i returned.

    I looked at the ticks and the NQ appeared to tick down a couple points at a time for a few trades, then violently ticked up for a few trades, and then settled down again.

    Did anybody else see this, and if so, were the prints "real"?


    The consumer confidence # came out at 9:51. Trading desk rumors where that the number would be VERY low. At 9:45 the market started to get hit, but when the # was released it only missed by a point.... there was a brief short squeeeeeeeze.
  3. Thanks, i knew about the data coming out, but just had never seen price jumps like that before (in both directions no less) so i didn't know if it was "real", as i wasn't there to see if the bids/offers actually moved as well.

    Thanks for replying and letting me know.
  4. scary scary