Today will be the Beginning of one of the massive bubble corrections in..............

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    ....both the equity and bond markets. Remember where you heard it. Not looking for any back slaps or atta boys, just stating my prediction.

    2 things triggering this bold prediction: 1) the wishy-washy, indecisive testimony of Bubble Ben and more importantly, 2) the kid in the deli who served me my sandwich telling his co-workers how he just opened a Scottrade account and was daytrading in his free time. That latter item, is the ultimate indicator.
  2. ”You know it's time to sell when the deli sandwich kid gives you stock tips." -- hayman kennedy
  3. Well hello Deli, say hello Deli, its so nice to have you back where you belong ....

    .... Deli'll never go away again
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    Maybe I can patent the "Deli Indicator" and sell it to all the brokerage houses for inclusion in their platforms? When we hit the bubble apex, a large picture of a bologna sandwich can pop up on your chart.
  5. i hope so i need more points off the s&p before i am even but i was making a longer term position. i did not think it would run so high but it is what it is and tomorrow will be a lot more interesting now. the JGB made a new low too.
  6. You will then be known as the deli Lama - his market holiness.
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    LOL, very good, StarDust!
  8. It sounds about right......

    The mid caps and small caps started pulling back and went negative in the middle of the day. Not to point out the obvious, but almost every pull back and crash over the last 100 years has been lead by mid and small caps. They react a lot faster to sellers due to the lack of liquidity..
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    "Bold" in the sense that the majority on this Board are about as Bullish as one can be. Maybe the adjective, "confident", would have been more appropriate.

    I'm going to watch price action the next 2 days, and particularly, see how we close on Friday. If it unfolds the way I think it will, I will be going Short on Monday.
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