today we should crash

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  1. today 10/27/2008 will be the crash
  2. Didn't we already crash? :p
  3. GDP reports today.
  4. DOW is ready to pierce the lows right now after-hrs.

    Get ready at the open guys - If I get an entry and i'm loading up short on the futures - this could be the day.
  5. kxvid


    Agreed shorting on open has been a strategy that has worked over the past many many days with few exceptions. I like you username says it all.
  6. solyaris


    No, GDP is 10/30/08
  7. yes, thanks. confused.
  8. Cheese


    This Monday is so far gap down when the previous close was also down. On the last 4 occasions of Mondays gap down with the previous close down, the Close on the day was in a range of 20 to 165 points down on the Opening Price (9.30am YM).
  9. i was wrong crash will be on tuesday if not tuesday wednesday
  10. when we crash, engraged 401k investors will come through your window and tear you to pieces.

    so don't wish for your demise so hard
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