Today was the start of an intermediate term correction

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  1. Dow Jones Industrials heading back to 11K.

    Nasdaq Composite heading back to 2200.

    The return of $80 crude oil looms.
  2. ha ha ha ^
  3. Exxon Mobile (XOM) will rollover
  4. bluud


    hey everybody it's gonna be Black Thursday :D
  5. Tiffany (TIF) will roll over. Yahoo (YHOO) will continue to be sickly.
  6. Google (GOOG) going sub $400. Baidu (BIDU) back to $90.
  7. Sure it will. Someday. Of course the trick is the timing.
  8. Meltdown in progress. Every sector to get punished.
  9. hardly a meltdown

    no news or anythign triggered it

    just another good buy opp

    Shorting exxon is a good way to lose money
  10. Your a fool. All indexes will melt down fast in the upcoming weeks. Get out while you can or be left holding longs in denial.

    Heed my advice. This quarter has ended 30 days early and selling has already begun.
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