Today was my best day ever

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ryancohen, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. I've been trading for 2 years and I had my best day ever today on only one trade, completely maxing out my account on GRMN short. I had a little bit of help with spotting the entry but after that it was my own trade. What a feeling. Just wanted to share that.... Anyone else get it?
  2. Now spend all that profit before you five it back :)
  3. So what was your P&L?
  4. Congrat!

    My Tradestation got stuck a few times this morning, made me miss a couple of entries and threw me off balance emotionally. It was extremely frustrated when you keep missing entry because your order entry stucked and you have to restart the program or even reboot. I sit with some loss this morning but I ended with one of my biggest trades...

    I think Tradestation better put their acts together... what the f is going on there? It's been a few days already. I am sure someone out there can get hurt. Even though I made money, I think I am gonna take tommorrow off because of the frustration I went thru.
  5. OKOptions


    I think yesterday was my worst day ever, but I may be coming out of it now. Not in terms of loss, just disallusionment.

    Thanks for the tip! GRMN just broke a triple bottom on huge volume.

    The market appears to have topped and I was looking for puts to buy.

  6. don't thank me in regards to the triple bottom, i had no idea, got the entry price from

    not that i think that takes away from my happiness.... the actual trade is everything and i did that well.

    p/l not a biggie compared to the big fish in answer a previous question
  7. 6k at 97.17 covered at 92.86:D
  8. AWESOME nysekiller
  9. So NYSE killer, what was the total for today? 100G plus I hope....
  10. Congrats Killer.......
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