Today US is virtually in the same situation than 1933

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, May 12, 2003.

  1. do you realise that ? When will they decide to declare officially that US is in bankruptcy ? And what could happen ?
  2. Probably they will at least wait for the total crash of Stock market and the dollar - since we are still high - so that they can tell the people : it is because of Wall Street debacle.
  3. I just cannot help myself to respond.

    I bet that France will shortly start to realise (if they haven't done so already) that they will be in more trouble than your beloved Monsieur Chirac has bargained for.

    So much trouble in fact that they will come cap in hand asking Bush to call a truce.

    If you want proof just keep an eye on your airoplane manufacturing industry and see what will happen.

    But ................, unfortunately for your country Bush isn't someone who easily forgets. Too bad.

  4. My beloved Chirac hahaha ! You can put his face under your boot I wouldn't care.

    I didn't say anything about France I could even think like you but will it relief US for that haha ! But if it can relief you psychologically I'm happy to have made a little good action for today :D

    The destiny of the whole world is linked to America if you think I am pleased about a disaster of US you're completely wrong. You have really a very narrow mind about economy.