Today sucks! 08-09-2007

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  1. Not having the nice swings, sort of erratic.
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    yeah okay, im rocking it , simple
  3. I agree, the way I trade, this market today is too erratic thus far. More akin to gambling so I havent placed a trade yet. Its been awhile since a whole morning has passed w/o me placing a trade but it happens sometimes I guess. Rather be patient and discipline than force something. Obviously we all trade differently, this is just the way I see it.
  4. Real lousy, it's like the market just falls asleep, then it bursts 20 points fall right back, up down up down with no rime or reason.

    I keep getting signals, but their is no follow thru, I may give back yesterday gains I made.
  5. I already gave away yesterday's gain with this erratic movement :confused:

    And to top it off, shorted CME before it rocketed up AH last night. ugh. the pain of it all.
  6. I dont have an issue with volitility of course, but when the volitility seems to provide no consistent patterns for how I see things, then I just sit back. Today has been that day thus far for me.

  7. We're about neutral on the day. Very mixed signals.
  8. i try to take a holistic approach
  9. What?!?!?! There is awesome volatility today everywhere :eek:

    9 signals, 100% winners, an awesome day, unusually good.
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  10. even since 12:20ish things for me are making sense again.
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