Today may be the Beginning of the End

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hayman, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. hayman


    Total capitulation in the Commodity arena today....the selloff is massive and panic is in the air. Stop being hit, margin calls, all out panic.

    My call is that Equities and Bonds will be soon to follow. When the HFT algorithms get a sniff of a downtrend, all hell will break loose, and we will see a 30-50% massive selloff in equities and bond markets.

    Forget QE and all that easy money crap. We are living in a highly leveraged, HFT environment, and all markets can and will turn on a dime.

    Watch out below!!!!
  2. S2007S


    Equities will follow in due time, if not tomorrow or next month but in due time equities will fall just like commodities are today....I think an easy drop to spx 1000 is coming, I cant say exactly when because no one can, but with all the leverage, QE, BUBBLE bens printing and asset bubbles the next drop is going to be tremendous!
  3. So you think QE infinity will fail? How about Weimar Germany when stocks went up by trillions of percent?
  4. S2007S


    Of course its going to fail,

    Its already failed 3 times!




    All failures, so its failed 3 times so far and it will continue to fail over and over. Trillions of worthless dollars being pumped into the system here and all around the entire world is not the way to fix a crisis, everyone will find this out in the years to come, all its doing is creating asset bubbles!
  5. hayman


    Totally agreed. And the longer the period of non-correction, the more taught the rubber-band will be, and the harder the correction will be. IMO, book your easy-money profits now, while you can, and don't get greedy!
  6. Get ready for the "new" onslaught of Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday threads. :eek: :( :mad: :) :p :D :cool:
  7. S2007S


    Exactly the longer the period of a non-correction the more significant it usually will be when it does correct, again when do we know when the uptrend is broken, this could be a simple small dip to dow 15000 by Friday or it can be the start of a 28% correction! you just dont know until after the fact, no one would have predicted golds plummet into bear territory this week!

    After such a rally of over 125% in the last 4 years a 30% drop would still look like a little blip after such a long uptrend!
  8. toolazy


    really worrying how this printing doesnt work. no real demand except if you think demand is man in black buy whole shop and throw everything in the bin during black night. And repeat.

    We have not done even single year of depression and there is about 30 to go. These stimuluses probably adding years, once this falls apart will be 35 instead + war or 2.