Today looks like its going to be a long day...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IzzyfoShizzy, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. everything seems to be down in premarket and all i see is bad news.

    is there any hope?
  2. hope for what? Good trading opportunities? I'd say there will be some, just like there are every day.
  3. NY_HOOD


    Cocaine gives the best response's.he is so informative and helpful to this board,not to mention he always is possitive. what a guy ! all heart.
    the man's glass is half empty !
  4. Please, the only thing you post about is your man crush on pump and dumper so dont talk :)

  5. Spoken like a long only investor :D

    Bad news good news... who cares. As long as the market moves in a trend I can identify. You have to ask why it is bad that we go down or good that we go up. As long as you are right in your direction guesstimates, it does not matter which way it goes.
  6. just another permabull
  7. Today looks like its going to be a long day

    I have found through long and careful analysis that each trading day is EXACTLY the same length of time.
  8. lol good one