Today - Jan 21 2009 is a significant bottom

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    I have never called a bottom before nor made a thread for it - but today was the bottom in the S&P/DOW/NQ for quite some time (weeks to months)

    Happy trading
  2. Bradley Siderograph Cycle yesterday/today.
    As posted last Friday in the "Technical Analysis" Forum.

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    Funny you posted that as I'd seen those turn dates at the start of the year and forgot about them :D
  4. I wouldn't doubt it. Not for a minute.

    I've seen AMAZING results from Bradley!

    From a TA point of view, the S&P index traded up significantly during the session, for the first time since Jan 1st.

    We've had a few gap ups that went nowhere. This is the first significant trade up during regular market hours
    in 12 sessions.

    After hours earnings news is good,
    Bulls should gain more ground this week, IMHO.
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    I don't go long until stock trad3r gives the green light
  6. are you marketsurfer's long lost bro
  7. I call that this thread will soon be moved to chit chat
  8. Bradley came up with that based on the orbit of Venus and maybe Mars. Not sure about Mars but am sure of Venus.

  9. i think it involved a probe of uranus
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    gap at 790 wasnt thursday may see that done or friday......the end result however shud be higher prices....much higher.......
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