Today is Veteran's day

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  1. <p>When we consider the great benefits this country has afforded to trader, it is important to recognize the men and women who dedicated their lives to defense and preservation of the freedoms that make it possible. On Veteran's Day, 2010, we extend our deepest respect and gratitude.
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  3. it is a sad holiday. too many people were lead to their death by the evil as$holes in power.
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  5. the whole Holiday thing is a scam: first THEY send innocent folks to die or get crippled, then THEY make a holiday out of it
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    A scam? People like me were willing to die so the rest of America could stay America... The holiday is to honor those who have served.

    Btw, yesterday was the Birthday of my Marine Corps. 10 November 1775.

    Ooh rah!
  7. you are a brave man! sounds like you fought for what you believe in.

    but don't you think that you got scammed?

    Happy Veterans Day to you! and i hope you wound has healed.
  8. Thanks for mocking vets shortie under the cover of sticking it to the man.

    Because a vet believed in something or rose to a challenge he thought worthwhile and you did not, it reflects very poorly on the man who stayed home and only complained.

    Happy Veteran's day to all who have served and those currently serving. Despite "the man", thank you for being a part of something larger than yourself.

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    I learned Honor, Courage, and Commitment for the time I gave the Corps. Also found a great deal of self confidence in accomplishing near impossible tasks. I don't feel scammed, and would do it over again if I could.
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