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  1. 41 years YOUNG today boys.....I have never felt better, stronger or more alive then i do today on my 41st b-day......Ahhh Fuckit , who am i kidding????? getting old sucks!!

    I actually have to watch what i eat, drink and work out like a banshee just to stay close to my old weight!!!

    when I turned 21, I had drinks on windows of the world and got lit up at cafe iguana in NYC

    When I turned 30, I got arrested driving a buddy's Ferrari 100+ mph in palm beach and then went with a group to the beach at midnight for some 'fun' having blackened chicken alfredo at the 'Ale House" in orlando with my kids and some steamed broccoli on the side....and will be asleep in bed as soon as the results show of American Idol is over!

    Any other 40+ old guys on here?

    To all you punk ass kids out there on ET ( that now means anyone under 35 to me).....God I envy you!!!! But your time will come soon enough!:D :D :D Live every moment like your 21....because someday....your gonna wake up and be 41!:(
  2. Lucrum


    46...going on 70.

    Don't forget to get your "special treat".
  3. Happy B-day!

    You old F..... :D
  4. Im all set for the special treat....1/2 a viagra ought to do it for tonight....:D :D :D
  5. When I was 41, I felt great and my weight was just where it was in high school and I was jogging 4 miles a day.

    Things couldn't have been better. But by the time I was 43, I was nearly dead.

    I contracted a severe case of asthma and ended up with two artificial hips because my rotten doctor treated me with steroids and then quit treating me and told me that I was going to die.

    Found another doctor and he saved my life.

    Now, I'm 73 and again I'm feeling great so I guess all hell could break lose tomorrow but until then, I will enjoy my life.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is be thankful for what you have and don't waste time worrying about the other guy. Buck up. Don't be a pussy and enjoy your life. :D
  6. Happy Birthday:D

    It ain't that bad. I'm 44 turn 45 next month and about the only thing I miss is my metabolism. Used to be able to eat a large pizza by myself, now it's down to a medium. Used to be able to drink tequila all night, now it's a couple a glasses of wine.

    I can still wax the occasional 20 something's ass on a mountain bike, usually uphill. I won't go full suspension so the gravity boys have me there.

    Life is what you make of it man. Smoke a bowl for your birthday and maybe your perspective will improve. You have a child(ren)! I didn't have a son until just last year (unaided by doctors or pills!) and am glad I caught the ride. May this be the happiest year of your life. Peace.
  7. Happy Birthday TM. We share the same one. 42 today. :)
  8. The metabolism change from 20-30 then to 40 is unreal...But im only about 20lbs away from my weight when i was 21 but i also lift weights now ( i love that excuse:D )

    ...also the gifts suck wife got me a cigar magazine and a six pak of specialty happy ending:mad: :mad: for nearly 19 years my b-day always had a happy ending!Siggghh:(
  9. Gee, thats kinda crappy, sorry to hear that.

    You mean a cigar magazine, something that holds cigars?
    Or a glossy mag full of pics of cigars you also didnt get?
  10. Happy Bday. Isnt 41 the new 27?
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