Today is Friday the 13th

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  1. I am out and about with my chainsaw and face mask ready to go short. Shorting is sooooo much fun. At the end of today, when the indexes are on fire, I will be there waiting for you. <this is where the funny music starts playing>

    The SP triple threat is approaching the lip of the canyon and watch how the energy turns to flub. A pullback on the horizon I see.

  2. Dude why are you trying to outsmart the market? As a trader, your job should be to find easy money. Instead of wasting your time intellectualizing about the market and trying to predict the future of the S&P, something no one knows, perhaps you should work on finding an edge that will day in, day out, let you make $$$ consistently. That's all that matters. You're starting to become as annoying as the dipsters. Please cut this crap out, for both your own benefit and the benefit of the benefit of innocuous forum browsers. Thank you.
  3. Bring it on nutball.:D
  4. Michaelscott-

    You very well could be right . However, since 1990 the Friday the 13th trading days have seen the markets close positive 70% of the time.

    You want to play against those odds? Be my guest.

    If you want some greater in depth stats on trading Fri. the 13th go get a copy of this report.

  5. This is so funny...when I saw the title of this thread I said...I bet its MichaelScott again. I'da made a fortune if I coulda actually bet. Sweety I'm afraid I'll have to put you on offense.
  6. wave


    Ahh so true FXT. So many lose at trading for this simple reason.
  7. You obviously were long yesterday how fortunate this place is so full of nontrading pikers it is making me sick.

    I had a big client who in 1998 dropped over 150 mill by being short the S&P it finished his career so to here people like you go on with your crap is pathetic.
  8. If the guy wants to go short, let him. It's his choice and he shouldn't get static from you guys. If he gets crushed, then rag him. But until then, he's made a gutsy call.

    Edit: It's beginning to look like a smart move considering how bad retail sales just came out. But the market might just "pretend" the number was good again, so who knows.

    Is there any wonder why I'm standing aside and enjoying the summer? :)
  9. The numbers are out! Much worse then expected!!!

    While some of you were partying and hooping it up on Thursday at your turret at the prop trading firm, you forgot about the next batch of reports that was coming out today.

    A street cop learns never to take his eye off of traffic. In the same way, a trader learns never to take his eye off of the economic reports. A lot of you guys are about to get run over.

    When will I stop shorting Circuit City? When will I stop shorting Sears Holdings? What about that flat tv maker BRLC? Ohhhh, when the reports came out that Eddie Lampert was losing on his trades and the store was not selling anything, oh man, I just love shorting in an up market. Radio Shack, ugh, a disappointing short, I just want to short that store sooooo bad. Then there is Motorola. Oh man, can Motorola ever get it right?

    You cannot ignore what is happening! Retail sales are much worse then expected, subprime chaos in the streets and poor unemployed Americans in the street while the Chinese and the Europeans surge ahead.

    The market is ripe for a pirate and the SPtripleX will be chainsawed in today's massacre.

    Read this report, read it and wheeppppp.

    I have told you my longs. Solar stocks, Amazon and all these 2000 era web/tech growth stocks.

    The new economy is here and that is unemployed Americans surfing Amazon and bicycling to work (for those that are employed).
  10. RSH is an amazing short. That BofA downgrade today is throwing my July puts into 4th gear gains! You took your eye off?! :p
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