Today I Put Jack on "Ignore"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. The pain still clutches at my leathern black old heart. Jack taught me so much over the years. What a gullible fool I am. What does not work. What I don't want to be like in twelve years. For that I owe him. But upon reflection I concluded that I have paid him back many times over by trying and failing to teach him what I learnt from trying and failing to understand him. Vale, Jack.
  2. I heard he put YOU on ignore a few years ago.

  3. pspr


    Jack's posts aren't so bad. Just read the first sentence and the last sentence and you pretty much have the point of his posts. Everything else is fluff.
  4. I admire him, I cant type more than a few lines, he is extremely comprehensive.

    Just don't understand why some are so preoccupied with him.
  5. jem


    Art - while I am not looking for you to reveal an edge... I think you could probably write the most entertaining guru/trade journal column on the net.

    For instance you could start with one trade concept at a time. and it together into a menu of trading treats.

    1. How to trade b/outs
    2. how to trade pullbacks
    3. how to trade conslidate
    4. using internal indicators for an edge.
    5. a review of others concepts.
    6. putting it all together without blowing up.
    7. how to select a quote vendor
    8. how to select a broker

    I suspect you could charge for admission.
    If you need ideas let me know.
  6. jem, you have always been a gem of ET. I will agree to your challenge if you only will start each of of your talking points out with "How not to..." Because in truth, but for a few feeble dull edges, all I know for sure is "how not to."
  7. why don't you two get a room!


  8. I also put Jack on ignore today.

  9. I am starting a self-help group to grieve for our and ET's mutual loss. How much do you think I should charge?

    But already I am beset by doubts. How will I know if he ever says anything that makes sense? Or worse, if he repents of deceiving me all these years and begs me to take him off ignore? Somebody WILL tell me, right? Maybe I should create another alias that takes sneak peeks while this alias punishes him.
  10. Dr. Deco, I highly recommend this therapist for you and the group:

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