Today I did something I haven't done in 10 years! I bought a newspaper, the NY Times

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  1. Typical big-city, disapproving, mightier-than-thou bullshit!

    The family is a hopeless unit of yesteryear - don't even aspire to be happy under this model, the internet is bad for you (no conflict of interest there), and you are ecologically-insensitive if you have felt on the INSIDE of your fishing waders (I shit you not!).

    These are the people who think the Bible is constraining? Gawd, I haven't been through such look-down-the-nose, tedious, instruction since I had that old lady in Driver's Ed.
  2. pspr


    Ask for your money back.
  3. Aziz


    Desperation in its perfect form :D

  4. You're not going to blame that too on Barack, are you? :)
  5. Obama isn't causal. He's a symptom of the nation wanting to be taken care of, told what to do, what to feel, and HOW to do and feel and be.
  6. LEAPup


    The NY Times, a dying paper. And deservingly so.