Today has all the makings of a crash !

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  1. when i say crash,i mean another 300 or more point down turn. the TED spreads have widened the most since the 1987 crash and everything else is supporting a perfect storm scenerio for a very large fall in the equity markets today. use extreme caution today. i am betting that many inexperienced traders went long at the bell yesterday thinking the strength would spil over into today. NOT THAT TYPE OF MARKET!
  2. Agreed. I say today is circut breaker day! Here we go!
  3. Fed says not going to happen and issues new naked short rules
  4. This week is the most epic financial battle of all time.
  5. It's going to be green this week.
  6. No doubt
  7. Do you mean green as in positive?
  8. If we can get through this 1200 support area, we're going up.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  9. We went through it yesterday. Technicals don't matter, it is all about the Fed bailing everyone out.
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    Good call
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